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Powerman Arizona Desert Classic

The Scene

The great history of the Desert Classic Duathlon combined with the international World Wide brand of Powerman takes this duathlon to another level.  A challenge in the desert completely enclosed in beautiful McDowell Mountain Regional park outside Fountain Hills Arizona makes this a dream vacation destination minutes from Scottsdale Arizona.  Something for the entire family at the perfect time to travel from the colder climates.  

This event offers something for everyone as well as your chance to qualify for the Powerman World Championship in Zofingen Switzerland in September every year.  

McDowell Mountain park offers breathtaking desert vistas, views of the McDowells and Four Peaks.  Camping both rustic and hook ups.  The course features a super fast, exhilarating 5k trail run loop.  Taking you on a nice rolling path using the parks sport mountain bike trail for this discipline of the course.  The bike will take you on a slow, gradual quad grinder up to the top of the park, then flying down to the back of the park, back up and down to the transition area.  

Marathon runners, endurance athletes, triathletes, bikers, runners - Anyone Can Do the DU!

Camp on site for $7!  Wow take advantage of that.  

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Date / Location

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Powerman Duathlon Classic: 8:00am
Powerman Off Road: 8:25am
Powerman Short Duathlon: 8:30am
Powerman Sprint: 8:45am
RELAYS offered for all events! 
Special divisions include schools

Camping Adjacent to the parking area at the front of the park for $7. 

Click here for map 

Powerman World Series



Powerman Classic - 10k run, 60k bike, 10k run

Powerman Off road - 5k run, 25k bike, 5k run

Powerman Short - 5k run, 38k bike, 5k run

Powerman Sprint - 2.5k run, 20k bike or 7.7 mi. mtb., 2.5k run

RELAYS offered for all events!



Don't forget to have your park entry fee ready upon arrival at the park entry gate of $7.  Then proceed to the parking lot following the signs.  Overflow parking will be located on the right side of the entry park road. 

Awards / Qualify

Your age on race day is the same as how old you will be on December 31st of that year.

Powerman World Championship -
Zofingen Switzerland - 2019
Powerman World Series click here

Powerman Classic event only

  • Top 3 overall male & female 

  • Top 3 athletes in each age group  

Powerman North America “ELITE” qualifying standards: 
Times must be verifiable in multi-sport event sent to Kenny@3disciplines.com PRIOR to day before registration.  There will be absolutely NO day before / day of registration of elite athletes accepted.  A running event or bike time trial is not a multi-sport event.  

Due to athletes just showing up to collect a check you must meet the below criteria for prize purse and elite qualifying, this is an ITU governed event, there are no exceptions to the standards set forth: 
Minimum THREE athletes must be competing in each elite race.  We will not be responsible for athletes not showing on race day!  This is a Powerman International World Series race, not only with a prize purse but qualifying you for the elite field at Powerman Zofingen World Championships.  Therefore you must show Current year verifiable results with below standards met:  There are NO exceptions to the standards.  You must email: Kenny@3disciplines.com with verifiable results to participate in the Elite race.  

Men:   10k 5:29 pace = 34:00 & 40k bike 26 mph = 57:00

Women: 10k = 6:05 = 37:17 & 40k bike = 23.5 mph. = 1:02

 AWARDS at Powerman North America events:
Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women Overall, excluded from their age group
Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women within each of the following age groups 
19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

Awards will in NO circumstances be given out early, or individually before the awards ceremony.  If you must depart before the awards ceremony you may opt to pay a shipping and processing fee and have the award mailed to you.  You MUST send the form within 2 weeks following the event with a check or money order, one fee per award in order to receive your award.  Please understand we have NO control over the US postal service.

Management reserves the right to combine age groups when there is not a total of 4 athletes in an age group.  

$5000.00 Prize Purse  (Minimum of 3 elites MUST compete for prize purse)
(for those who meet the qualifications) 


McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Shayla and all her staff. 

Pepsi Co.
Gatorade Endurance
Rudy Project

Support Crews

Giving Back

This is how we started and why we do what we do.  Every event in every community gives us the ability to give back.  First through our exclusive Food and Shoes from Athletes program we started in 2003 in Arizona.  Donating thousands of pounds of food and thousands of pairs of shoes.  

Also connecting to groups, organizations and important charities locally.  For this event we have partnered with  Together We Live.  Tim Bolen is a long time friend and roommate back at Eastern Michigan University.   His passion, energy and love to give back is rare in today\'s society and we are humbled to be able to give back and be a part of his mission.  

Their mission: 2Gether We Live provides positive life experiences for underserved populations, including those with disabilities, illness, and wounded veterans, all through the strength of loving volunteers. ​​ Life without limitations. Through the kindness of volunteers anything is possible! 



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