POWERMAN-Colorado-Stack Event
Powerman Colorado

Starting and finishing at the Lyons High School property, the run course will be a slight mixture of high school track, groomed, wide trail and road.  Slightly rolling to flat and shaded most of the way.  

The bike course will be predominantly flat believe it or not, with a grinding 6 miles that will bring you to expansive panoramic views of all the mountain ranges in each direction.  What goes up must come down, so a fast straight descent, back to the flats.  1 and 2 laps for Powerman Classic and short athletes.  1 lap for the sprint who will turn off doing a short loop within the big loop.  

Course cut off: 5:00 hrs.  Raffle / awards will start at 12:30.  20170605_174527 Event

Transition Area

Open at 6:00am not before!  in the parking area just outside the track area.  

No Friends or Family members allowed in the transition area for any reason. ITU European style transition formats will be used wherever possible.  If you are unfamiliar with this style of racking it is one long row.  The race director and race officials will close the transition area 30-45 minutes before race start to ensure all athletes are at starting lines for mandatory course meetings and announcements. Once the transition area is closed, you will not be permitted back in before the race starts. Family members will not be permitted in for any reason. 

In the event of inclement weather, we recommend you have warm, dry clothing outside the transition area to put on following your finish due to other athletes still being on the bike course. Thank you for your cooperation in following these rules.

You must rack according to your race number, based on the sequence numbers placed at the end of each row. Please remember racks will hold 7 bikes racked with the seat tip on support bar. Please be courteous to fellow athletes to ensure there is space for 7 bikes on a rack. The transition area is closed until all athletes are off the bike course. Any athletes removing gear from transition areas before the announcer or race director has officially opened the transition area will be DISQUALIFIED from the race! No questions asked. Your race number will be taken down and you will be disqualified. Sprint athletes this goes for you as well, you must wait until all the athletes are off the course and race officials open the transition area. All athletes deserve a clear transition. 

There will be an aid station at the run in/out chute with water and electrolyte replacement. Athletes wearing their own chips, PLEASE remove your chips before re-entering the transition area and exiting again. This will cause a timing error. Run in/out and bike in/out chutes are clearly marked on the large structures at either end; it is your responsibility to go the right direction.

Transition area map 

Bike: 15k, 38k, 65k

You will be exiting the high school and out on predominantly flat to rolling smooth roads.  These are between the mountain ranges and will be a fast course believe it or not.  

Aid Station Powerman distance athletes only, You will hit this 3 times on the bike. Water, Lemon-lime Gatorade Endurance Formula will be available.

Bike Course Cut off time: 12:00am

Run: 2.5k or 5K and 10k

Exiting the school grounds on a trail over to a beautiful road along the river and back around.  This will be slightly rolling, mostly tree lined.  Stay tuned for the final details.  

20170605_181600 Event

Aid Stations: Located every mile with Lemon-Lime Gatorade Endurance Formula and Water and Pepsi.

The course will be clearly marked with flags and cones.

Run Course Cut off Time: 1:00PM (5:00 hrs)

Race Tips

coming soon. 



PowerKids races will begin 9:00 a.m. Saturday.  Starting with the Grade School 10 and under.  Followed by the middle schoolers, 11-14 and finishing up with the high school races 17 and under.  

Races will be divided by gender, and waves depending on numbers in each.  

All races will start and finish on the high school track.  All bike courses will require a mountain or cross type bike as the bike course will utilize a short section of flat, smooth dirt trail, before heading out on road.  These will be completely closed, coned off bike courses.  

Depending on participation a specific high school division and competition will be available.  

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